Baking without sugar, dairy, wheat and eggs

Sweet things are my love and my passion. As a teenager, I had to completely change my diet because of health problems. From one day to the next I was no longer allowed to eat any wheat, sugar or dairy. So I started baking with more compatible ingredients. Many years later I came up with this baking book with recipes for muffins, cookies and tarts that offer yummy alternatives for health-conscious foodies with or without allergies.

In harmony with nature and its seasons, the recipes are designed to nurture body and soul. Spring recipes taste of joy and sweet and sour rhubarb cake. Summer baking embraces ripe and juicy fruits right from trees and bushes. Autumn recipes make you feel the love and the first little hint of coolness in the air. Winter desserts smell like home and gingerbread seasoning.

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Stefanie Reeb
Sweet & healthy baking without sugar, lactose, eggs and wheat
208 pages with photographs by Thomas Leininger
19.99 euros

“Süß&Gesund” is available in bookstores or online.

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