Hello friends!

Welcome to Wellcuisine. Since summer 2015, this blog has been the place for me to share my recipes and my thoughts about all the things that move and inspire me. The first few years the blog was solely available in German, and since April 2022 we provide an English version too.

I am a passionate cook, cookbook author, kitchen philosopher, holistic health coach and Kundalini Yoga teacher and I come from a family in which both natural medicine and culinary delights were part of normal everyday life. My background and my interests make Wellcuisine what it is today: a nutrition and lifestyle concept in which health and enjoyment enter into a sensual and wild marriage that makes body and soul equally happy.

Do you have a question or would you like to be part of the next Wellcuisine retreat? Then write me an email to info@wellcuisine.net .

My way of eating follows Michael Pollan’s quote:

Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.

I believe in food that loves me back. Food that tastes good and is good for my body. I am a health conscious flexetarian. That means I mainly eat plant-based foods, and every now and then a bit of organic meat or fish. I can’t tolerate cow’s milk products, but goat’s or sheep’s milk are okay in moderate amounts. I eliminated wheat and white sugar from my diet several years ago for health reasons, and I’m trying my hand at gluten-free cuisine more and more because my husband doesn’t tolerate gluten.

It excites me to find new recipes for favorite foods that taste better than the original with healthier ingredients. Nothing is more satisfying than creating a delicious treat that’s secretly good for me.

But a good life à la Wellcuisine is much more than a healthy cookie in the afternoon or a green smoothie for breakfast. It’s also about the way you breathe, the way you move, and the way you think. So let’s talk about food, enjoy food, share food, but let’s also talk about self love, our way of thinking, movement and breathing. This is not your normal food blog. This is Wellcuisine.


My vita

For many years I worked as an art director fo brands like Nike, Siemens and Lufthansa. I wrote and designed my first children’s cookbook in my twenties and won some design awards with it. In Los Angeles I trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and did my Masters in Integrated Energy Therapy. At the same time my husband Thomas and I founded our first food blog. Later I trained as a holistic health coach at the Academy of Naturopathy in Luzern/Switzerland. My husband and I published 8 books so far, were on the Amazon bestseller list several times, and host cooking and yoga retreats on Mallorca.

About Thomas Leininger

Thomas Leininger is my husband. He takes all the photos you see on this website and in the Wellcuisine books .

Thomas was born in the southern Black Forest, has a degree in photo design and has been self-employed since 1996. The son of a beekeeper, he worked as a bartender, shift worker and newspaper editor before becoming known as a photographer and winning numerous awards. The desire to discover and the search for true beauty characterize his work – in pictures that touch and bring joy.


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