Recipes and beauty tools for a radiant look

Do you want to look fresh and naturally beautiful? SCHOEN&GESUND is about holistic solutions for lasting beauty that unfolds from the inside out. The book contains delicious recipes that promote a healthy body and a youthful appearance. Natural beauty foods make your skin glow, and DIY beauty essences beat even the most expensive anti-aging cream. Packed full with interesting information about the effects our foods have on our appearance, and complemented with lots of recipes for beauty foods and easy to prepare holistic skincare, the book is your holistic beauty guide for more energy, vitality and natural beauty.

Here you can get an insight into the book:


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Stefanie Reeb

Schoen&Gesund (German)
192 pages with photographs by Thomas Leininger
Knaur balance
ISBN: 978-3426675120

€ 22.99

“Schoen&Gesund” is available in bookstores or online.

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