Review of our Wellcuisine cooking and yoga retreats

Our Wellcuisine retreats in Mallorca are sacred to me. We spend a week in a beautiful place, cooking and eating together, practicing yoga, swimming, being outside a lot, laughing, talking, dancing … People who have never put on a face mask run around with a face full of of matcha tea and yoghurt, some discover their love for meditation and like to sit still for the first time, and others find out that you can turn cleaning the dishes into a late night party. All in all, you can say that our retreats are a time when you can relax and recharge your batteries. Every day there is inspiration for healthy and delicious nutrition, health information and of course yoga, which also fills you up on a deeper level, and at the same time gets the body in shape.

As a rule, we hold our retreats in the transitional periods between summer and autumn or between spring and summer. These are not only pleasant periods in terms of temperature, but also times of inner transition, in which we can pause to check where we stand, what we want to take into the next season and what we want to leave behind.

This fall we had two retreats and both were very beautiful, intense, inspiring and fun. Here are some impressions. A big thank you to our participants, who took the majority of the pictures!

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