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“Relaxation is the highest achievement of the self”. (Yogi Bhajan)

The German celebrity magazine “Gala” recently published a bigger article about meditation with the headline “Meditate like the Stars”. It seems like meditating is hip, the next big thing on the wellness ride. And somehow that’s really great because it might mean that people lose their fear of meditation, in the sense of “if Beyoncé can do that, I can do it too”. Meditation is perhaps more important today than ever before, as we live in a society that has forgotten how to listen. Everyone is broadcasting incessantly, but who is listening? Meditation is primarily about being still and listening: to your own breath and to your inner voice.

Many people believe that they cannot meditate, because they can’t sit still for some time. Is it very bad if I say that most people can sit still in front of the television for a very long time? Perhaps. Because we clearly have to get used to meditating. And especially at the beginning it is often difficult to calm your thoughts and just do nothing.

What is the point of meditation anyway? Is it about coping with stress? Is it about being able to do more? Or about getting focused? Yes, all of that and much more. For me, meditation isn’t just another practice in order to function better; it is ultimately a way of coming home. It is pleasant and calming to get to know this quiet place within yourself, where you can relax, feel secure and gain new strength. Meditation is about consciously stepping out of the carousel of thoughts and letting the thoughts slip by. And even if this doesn’t work immediately, at least it works from time to time. And these brief moments of complete relaxation are raising your energy. If there is no thought, then there is nothing that prevents your energy from expanding. 

For me, one of the most enjoyable and easiest ways to achieve this state of relaxation is through guided meditation. You just sit still, breathe deeply and listen to the teacher’s voice and concentrate fully on it. And this is exactly how the meditation works that I want to show you today in my little video. The words I use are powerful mantras that have a powerful effect on our energy systems. These mantras are “light” and “love”. We use it to completely fill ourselves with positive energy. This is a kind of legal spiritual doping ; -). It has long been known that certain mantras or words have a scientifically proven effect on our body water, which makes up 70 percent of our body. The scientist Masaru Emoto has published many books about this topic, in which he photographed the crystallization patterns of water under the influence of words and mantras. If you want to get more information about this, ask Google. And now let’s meditate! You only need 5 minutes, a pillow on the floor or just a chair – and off you go!


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