Meditation for a Calm Heart

My best recipe for more serenity in everyday life

When I started yoga and meditation many years ago, I often sat on my mat and thought (yes, also during meditation … who actually started the rumor that you can switch off all thoughts during meditation ???): “Why is this not taught in schools? Why is it normal for most of us to take care of our bodies but not our minds?” After meditation I felt relaxed and happy. Perhaps this is the real secret of meditation: it makes you happy. Abraham Hicks once explained it like this: Our well-being is like a cork floating on the surface of the water. With our problems and negative thoughts, we pull the cork under water. But as soon as we relax, the cork immediately springs back to the surface. And that is exactly what happens during meditation. We distract ourselves from our everyday problems by concentrating on our breathing, a mantra or a certain body or hand position – and there it is, the good feeling. The more often we meditate, the easier it is for us to relax and the faster the feeling of wellbeing follows. Even if we only have three minutes to meditate each day, there is always a small transformation going on.

I like to practice the meditation that I will show you today when I am stressed. Meditation for a calm heart helps me regain my inner peace and it strengthens the heart and life force (Prana). It was recommended by my teacher Yogi Bhajan especially for internal and external conflict situations. Just three minutes of this can make you see more clearly again, so that you can act and decide from the heart.

Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for a few minutes. Sit with your back straight on a chair or cross-legged on the floor and do the meditation with me:


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