Meditation against fear

A strengthening exercise in times of Corona

Over the past few days I’ve watched the fear spill over from the media into my life. I quickly switched off the TV, but not fast enough, because the fear had spread and kindly brought a few more worries with it. My friends felt the same way. A friend wrote to me that she could physically feel the corona fear coming through her cell phone and computer. Humanity is afraid and it is almost impossible to stay away from it entirely. Fear is not a nice feeling. Anxiety creates stress. It paralyzes us, makes us uncreative, makes us sleep worse at night and weakens our immune system.

There is a simple cure for anxiety that is always available to us: our breathing. When we sit with our eyes closed, look inward and focus our attention on our breath, we instantly become calmer and feel more relaxed overall.

It is a special situation that we are in right now. We have to distance ourselves physically, but it is all the more important that we feel spritually connected and are there for one another. That’s why I would like to sit and breathe with you for the next 40 days and counteract the fear and discomfort. When I sit on my pillow and meditate every day, I imagine you sitting on your pillow too. I can see in my mind how many of us are connected through meditation. And that’s a nice feeling.
Why meditate for 40 days?
In the Kundalini Yoga tradition it is said that we need 40 days to establish new habits and create new connections in our brain. Meditating every day for 40 days is not that hard. You only need 5 minutes. That’s 1/10 of the time of an average Netflix series. I have already done several 40-day meditations and each time I have found it almost magical how I felt after a while. So it’s worthwile on many levels.
Meditation against fear
In Kundalini Yoga there is a suitable meditation for every physical and mental state. The one I want to show you today helps against fear and connects us more deeply with our inner wisdom.

Do you participate in the daily meditation? Then leave a comment below and let me know how you are doing. And even if you’re just interested in an exchange, write in the comments here. Another reader or I will reply as soon as possible. Let’s be there for one another.


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