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Over the past few years, Thomas and I have adapted to Spanish customs and always have lunch quite late. Since we both work from home, we cook properly, and lunch is also our main meal. In the evenings, nobody feels like cooking anymore, so we often stand in front of the refrigerator, at a loss, wondering what to eat. Depending on what time it is, it comes down to a slice of bread (at the moment our home- baked protein bread, after all). Later we always decide: “Tomorrow evening we’ll cook another little something” because we both like to have something light and warm for dinner.

The last meal of the day I like the most is a soup. Because a warm soup is a harmonizing meal that is pleasantly warm when the body loses energy in the evening. At the same time, thanks to its easy digestibility, it does not disturb him during his nightly regeneration. So if I think about it early enough, I’ll cook us an evening soup. It can be prepared in different ways, it just has to be straightforward. Because after a long day during the week, I usually don’t feel like standing in the kitchen for long. At the moment I love a soup made from zucchini and broccoli, which is refined with a little lemon peel at the end and then finely pureed. It doesn’t do a lot of work, but it does really well.

This week I was talking to a friend about the subject of self-love. Although the topic was actually dealt quickly with his statement: “If I just read on more love-yourself-instruction on Instagram, then I scream! “Then he said to me:” It’s much better to love yourself by cooking something good. “I can really only agree with that, because a soup in the evening, which warms the stomach and body pleasantly and forms the perfect basis for a good night’s sleep, is a real proof of love for ourselves. Self-love can neither be understood nor learned by talking about it. It is not a theoretical construct And so the preparation of a good evening soup can be a small but fine token of love for ourselves and for others, always one spoon at a time.

And now my question for you: what is your main meal of the day? And what is your favorite evening meal? I look forward to your comment under this post!


Servings 4 Portionen
Cook Time 30 minutes
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  • 1 EL Olivenöl
  • 1 mittelgroße Zwiebel geschält und gehackt
  • 2 Knoblauchzehen geschält und gehackt
  • 1 Brokkoli Röschen und Strunk zerkleinert
  • 1 Zucchini gewürfelt
  • 1 l heißes Wasser
  • 1 TL Salz
  • abgeriebene Schale von 1 unbehandelten Zitrone


  • Olivenöl in einem großen Topf erhitzen und gehackte Zwiebel und Knoblauch darin anbraten. Brokkoli und Zucchini hinzufügen und unter Rühren anbraten. Mit heißem Wasser ablöschen und Salz hinzufügen. 15 bis 20 Minuten köcheln lassen, bis das Gemüse weich ist.
  • Den Inhalt des Topfes unter Zugabe der abgeriebenen Zitronenschale im Standmixer fein pürieren, bis die Suppe klümpchenfrei und cremig ist.
  • Die Suppe zurück in den Topf füllen und gegebenenfalls mit Salz abschmecken oder mehr Wasser hinzufügen, bis die gewünschte Konsistenz erreicht ist.
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