My 10-minute yoga program for a great body feeling

From my book "Wellcuisine"

No matter what I do on a particular day, I always start it with 10 minutes of yoga. Since I often sit at my desk for hours during the day, I need this time in the morning to feel fully present in my body, to deepen my breath and to stretch my back.

My spine feels much more flexible after just a few minutes. This is not only a nice feeling, but has a rejuvenating effect too. My teacher Yogi Bhajan said that you can tell the real age of a person by the flexibility of their spine. So these 10 minutes in the morning are a perfect “well-aging” tool and a good way to do something for the most important relationship in our lives: the one with ourselves.

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PS: my book “Wellcuisine” is available in stores from now on and this video is the addition to a yoga sequence in the book.

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